Nubi Do


How do I email a task?

To email a task (or set of tasks), do the following:

•Go to the specific task list (i.e. Home, Work, Groceries, All, etc..)

•Touch the "Edit" button on the toolbar at the top of the screen. Once you press the "Edit" button you'll see a toolbar appear at the bottom of the screen with three buttons: "Delete", "Move" and "Email".

•Touch the task(s) that you want to email. As you touch each task, it will be highlighted indicating the selection.

•Press the "Email" button.

•You'll now see the standard iPhone email screen from which you can select or type the email recipient.

How do I mark a task as complete?

To mark a task as complete simply press the circular icon to the left of your task.  That’s a dual purpose icon.  It serves as both a color coded priority indicator as well as a check mark.  See the features page for more details.

Why can’t I see future instances of recurring tasks?

Future instances of recurring tasks will automatically get created when you complete the current task.

Does Nubi Do have syncing capabilities?

Yes.  Nubi Do offers syncing to Google Docs Spreadsheets which you can use as a simple backup solution or for rapid data entry for tasks.

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